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Oily Skin Face Oil Treatment

Oily Skin Face Oil Treatment

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Blended essential oils  - 1. Skin Repair contains Rosehip, Lavender & Almond oil,    2. Oily Skin Oil Serum contains Grapeseed, Evening Primrose and Lavender essential oil,   3. Night Oil Serum contains Almond oil & Argan oil

Combo Treatment of 3 face Oils consisting of 1. Oily Skin Face Oil, 2. Skin Repair Face Oil, 3. Night Serum

Few drops of Skin Repair Face Oil to be applied on face on getting up in the morning

Few drops of Oily Skin Face Oil to be applied immediately after bath and can be applied 3-4 times during the day

Few drops of Night Serum to be applied just before going to bed.

Balances sebum secretion of skin of face and leaves the face soft and supple

15 ml x 3 bottles

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