Process Of Essential Oil Making-

“In the hands of the philosopher, the art of distillation was employed in the practice of alchemy, the hermetic pursuit dedicated to the transformation of base metals into gold, the gross into subtle.
It  was a primary religious quest in which the various stages of the distillation process were equated with stages of an inner psychic transmutation, ‘dissolution and coagulation’ : separation (black, lead), extraction (white, quicksilver), fusion (red, sulphur) and sublimation (gold or lapis).”                        The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils by Juilia Lawless
Being  true Bharatiya, we are proud of India’s rich and varied heritage. It is said that Malika-E-Alam Noorjehan aka Meher-un-Nissa was instrumental in introducing the art of crafting the perfumery blends – Itra – in India. Foot prints of her foresight are seen today also in Red Fort at Agra, Uttar Pradesh. This Aaswan unit is supposed to be working on Solar energy.  
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