About Us

We as Proud Entrepreneur are contributing in Aroma Mission of India !

At Anveera, advice about cultivation of Essential oil bearing Aromatic plants mainly Lemongrass, Citronella and Vetiver is given to farmers who are cultivating high value commercial crops like sugarcane, banana, grapes on large acreage for many years.  We encourage them to adopt this as a regular practice as a part of ‘Soil Reclamation & Rejuvenation Programme’ on a block of min. five acres.

These crops with their profuse fibrous root system,  penetrate into hard sub-soil to meet their water and nutritional requirement. It helps in improving porosity, infiltration rate and thereby structure of soils.

Since these crops are less demanding, tax no toll on nutrient status of soil. Thus helps in rejuvenating the fertility status of soils.   

One must practice this at least for a period of five years before switching to commercial crops again.

To facilitate the working and for ease of operation,  we have provided hydro -distillation facility at the farm level. Produce thus collected, is being used in our creations along with other essential oils with therapeutic value.

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