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Health Massage Oil Combo Pack

Health Massage Oil Combo Pack

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Massage Oils especially for sportsmen after heavy workouts and also for older age groups, used for strengtening of nerves, for circulation and for joints

Essential oils blended on base oils - 1. Massage oil for joints - contains ginger & rosemary blended on sessame oil,   2. Massage oil for circulation contains Cypress & lemon blended on Olive oil,   3. Massage Oil for Nerves contains Marjoram & Frankinsence blended on Sessame Oil.

Combo Pack of 3 Massage Oils, one is for joints and muscles, one is for nerves, and one is for better circulation.

Massage oil for joints relaxes the tissues around the joints and also can be massaged for relaxing the muscles

Massage oil for circulation can be used to massage around ankles, behind the knees and overall legs for improving circulation, can be safely used over varicose veins also

Massage oil for Nerve strengthening is to be used on hands and legs, feet etc and results in reducing stifness of nervous origin and also helps in tremors.

Combo Pack of Massage oils is especially designed for maintaining overall tissue health

50 ml x 3 bottles

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