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Chakra Essential Welness Kit

Chakra Essential Welness Kit

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This Kit includes –

1. Soaps – Hand poured, hand made with chakra balancing essential oils. Each colour of soap represents the corresponding chakra having a corresponding chakra balancing essential oils.


A. Red- Root/Mooladhar chakra with Vertiver

B. Orange- Sacral/Swadhishthan Chakra with Clarry sage

C.Yellow- Solar Plexus/Manipur Chakra with ginger cardamom

D. Green- Heart/Anahrat Chakra with rose petals

E. Blue- Throat/Vishuddha Chakra with geranium

F. Indigo- Third eye/Ajna Chakra with sandalwood

G. Violet- Crown /Sahasrar Chakra with lavender


2. Chakra Balancing Massage Oil – This massage oil for the body helps to relax the mind and body and balance out the seven chakras of the body. These essential oils will help remove negativities being held in the chakra points and your aura. Begin with your hands being moved in a clockwise fashion going from root to crown and then reverse and go clockwise again from crown to root.

3. Chakra Balancing Roll-On – This Roll on is to be applied on pulse points, temples, behind ears and over each position of the seven chakras. It is to be used preferably before sleeping.

4. Chakra Balancing Pillow Spray – Two to Three spurts of pillow spray on your pillow before sleep helps to calm your mind and helps balance the seven chakras for the universal energy to flow uninterrupted.

5. Diffuser Kit includes – a diffuser, diffuser drops for solar plexus and heart chakras and 6 T light candles.

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